An explanation and a solution for boredom:

"There is an important difference between temporal things and eternal things: something temporal is loved more before it is possessed, but will loose its appeal when attained, for it does not satisfy the soul, whose true and certain abode is eternity. The eternal, on the other hand, is loved more passionately when obtained that when desired." (St. Augustine On Christian Teaching Book I).

A Bored Gargoyle who has everything (just look at his view). If he wants satisfaction all he has to do is look up but, like many humans, the Gargoyle cannot move his head; he cannot look to heaven. His gaze is far too fixed on foolish things.  
If you have lots of money you can buy whatever you want. The more money you have the more outlandish your purchases can be, all with the goal of novelty. But much is never enough. There is always more and the more you have the greater the need.

Doesn't that tell us something? Something about our nature is not designed to be satisfied with temporal things.

Instead we were designed to be satisfied only with an eternal God. And when we have God, when we know his pleasure and look forward to eternity with him, we know a growing satisfaction, an ever lasting and continually expanding excitement.