The surfer waits, lying on the board, eyes to the shore, feeling the current beneath his board. "It will come," he hopes, "any minute now."

There are false starts: what feels like the big one turns out to be a dud. "Will it ever come?" he wonders "when do I get to ride again?"

At times it feels as if the sea is going to be calm forever; silence lingers, time slips away and there is nothing to show for it. The surfer feels like he is wasting time, wasting his life, waiting, just clinging to the board.

He remembers his last big wave: the great leap to the sky, the speed and flight, the shore closing in, the feeling of effervescence. And he waits for another one, hoping it will come before it gets dark.

The spiritual life can be like the life of a surfer - a lot of waiting. God's felt blessings come in waves: one minute you are riding high and the next you just cling to the good book and wait. 

Waiting is tough. Sometimes it feels like you are waiting for something that will never come, that the wave of blessing is never going to get there. It feels like life is passing by, that you have missed it, that everyone else got going and you didn't; you got left behind. 

And waiting leaves time for memories, memories of that time when you rose up, when you were fruitful, blessed of God. You knew his favor and your life went well. How long will it be until the wave of blessing comes again? 

According to the Bible, those who wait, who remain steadfast, are considered blessed. James writes, "Behold, we consider those blessed who remained steadfast" (James 5:11) Did you catch that? Those who wait like the surfer are the ones considered blessed!

James reminds his readers of Job: "You have heard of the steadfastness of Job, and you have seen the purpose of the Lord, how the Lord is compassionate and merciful" (James 5:11). Job's waiting was terrible: a time of constant sorrow. Yet Job remained faithful to the Lord. He wasn't just under the favor of God when everything got put right at the end, but he was blessed while he waited.

Perhaps you wait for the wave today. Blessedness can be found in steadfastness, a patient, trusting wait.

Waiting is difficult but surfers, no less than eagles, who remain steadfast get to soar (Isaiah 40:31).