We all have quitting days, days in which we feel we cannot carry on with our circumstances. We just want to give up.

God never has quitting days. Ever.

In fact, God couldn't quit without destroying himself. If he was to give up, change, and decide to be someone else, do something else, he would have to stop being God and not even God can do that! We call this God's immutability, his unchangeableness. As James says, with God "there is no variation or shifting shadow" (James 1:18).

The Bible often talks about God as our rock. God is like a rock because he is firm, unmoved, static and unchanging. Of course, an ordinary rock is all these things eventually unlike God, but in comparison to a human being a rock is a good picture of something unchanging.

It turns out that a lot depends on the rocklike nature of God: our redemption (Psalm 19:14), justice (Deut 32:4) and our protection (Psalm 31:2) to mention a few examples. And our ability to keep going when we feel like quitting is also dependent on God's rocklike nature.
God can no more quit than a rock can become a tomato.
You may feel like everything you have trusted has let you down. You may feel the urge to quit, give up, do something else.

But God feels no such urge. He won't quit on you because God has no quitting days. And that's good news. It's good news because God won't abandon work on your character, he won't renege on his promise to bring you into heaven and glory with him, he won't quit on his promise to protect you, to provide for you, to love you. Despite our unfaithfulness to him, God's rocklike nature won't let him be unfaithful to you. And that's a good reason to keep calm and carry on.

"There is no rock like our God" (1 Sam 2:2)